Pump your personality
Personalised weekly sessions to relieve stress from the whole organism
from A to Z in 2 months
wake up in a good mood
have energy throughout the day
have clarity of mind
feel great in your body and be proud of your reflection in the mirror
have a clearer focus on the tasks set during the day
improve the quality of communication with colleagues/partners
increase the value of personal relationships
have time for things that bring you pleasure
fall asleep easier in the evening
wake up in a good mood
have energy throughout the day
have clarity of mind
feel great in your body and be proud of your reflection in the mirror
have a clearer focus on the tasks set during the day
improve the quality of communication with colleagues/partners
increase the value of personal relationships
have time for things that bring you pleasure
fall asleep easier in the evening
Who is it for?
My method will work best for professionals who want to improve their lifestyle and overall wellbeing without investing much time into research and multiple experts. Here I combine all you need to know into short 1hr /week sessions with precise instructions, so leave the thinking part to me!
my approach:
My program is aimed to help you become healthier , more efficient and more resourceful, which will reflect on your day-to-day life.

As a former professional athlete, I struggled with injuries, long recoveries, weight inconsistency and mood swings every time I stopped training. This would, of course, also affect my self-esteem, my relationships, and the list goes on! That was until I heard about ayurveda for the first time and it's basic principles, and started to apply them for myself.

Soon after I quit professional sport, I moved around and ended up living in 6 different countries, which came with massive lifestyle adjustments - but no matter where I was and how the course of my life has changed, - my mind and my body remained healthy and strong, and, most importantly - consistent.

About 10 years ago I also got into yoga - which had the biggest impact on me and my life - it balanced my body and healed my injuries, gradually balanced my mind - and without making much effort I quit smoking, then drinking, off went all types of food I didn't need, relationships that weren't right for me, and the lifestyle that was destroying me from the inside.
In terms of gains - it opened up this vast and beautiful inner world of mine, I learned to cherish every part of me that was different to others that I was trying so thoroughly to shut down under the pressure of society, and this very quality - allowing me to be me, also allowed me to see the beauty in others, and appreciate their uniqueness.

Some years later, while working with my coach, I realised how it was all connected, analysed my Self and my own lifestyle, analysed other people I knew well and their changes and their causes, other people's unique traits, did a deep inner work to make sure I don't project my own experiences onto others - and then I was ready to share this holy grail with others.
advantages of working with me
Prepare to go on a journey through your own body as you become more aware of your True Self
You will be able to dive into the depth of both your body & consciousness
advantages of working with me
Some emotional and physical imbalances you experience could be years or even decades old, so we will be working with core causes to your problems and rewire your thinking patterns
Detailed attention to your condition and its causes
advantages of working with me
Yoga & Ayurveda have been around for thousands of years and are just as relevant in today's world, if not more - it's the art of slowing down and recognising our inner world, then projecting it to the outer. It's beautiful and I can't wait to share it with you
I derive knowledge from ancient Hindu disciplines
advantages of working with me
Everyone is different and so should be the coaching approach - I listen to your needs and I have the tools to help me recognise your individuality and build the program that's suitable just for you
Individual 360° approach
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What will you get from working with me?
We set the goals and create a road map for our coaching
You will get a detailed analyses of your lifestyle & nutrition
You will get a clear picture of your authentic Self
Develop discipline that will help you achieve new results and sustain them
improved physique
improved relationships
I will introduce you to the basic philosophies of yoga and ayurveda to use in your daily life
My clients' results
I am inspired by the results of the people I have helped, and I consider it my mission to share those methods and means with others that have helped me become the person I am. I am pleased with your changes and your victories, I like to be a part of your reincarnation (here is some dramatic photo) and it energizes me to do more and create a better product
  • For those on the journey from the external to the internal, Anastasiya is a handy pocket map. She is a companion and a fellow seeker.
    Anastasiya's guidance for others is informed by her own life long quest for answers to the universal questions we all ponder. Highly recommend
    after our floating sessions
  • I would recommend Anastasiya to everyone who is ready and wanting to make positive changes for themselves and their lives.
    Anastasiya is amazingly knowledgeable, client focused, positive and committed to getting the results and changes that get client wishes to attain. I cannot speak highly enough about how much Anastasiya helped me on my life improvement journey. Her manner, patience, calmness, knowledge and positivity made learning from her such a positive experience. She really is an amazing life coach
    on his life changes
  • I came to Anastasiya for help with weight loss but she gave me so much more - clarity of who I am and my purpose.
    At the first session I was hoping for someone to help me achieve my weight loss goals and inspire and produce momentum in my life. From the first session Anastasiya guided me towards establishing my goals in a realistic manner. She helped me understand my body and all the infinite ways it speaks to me. Slowly but surely she helped me bring about positive changes in my food habits and lifestyle. I have had considerable amount of weight loss in a healthy and happy way in the 8 weeks that she guided me. Anastasiya's presence was a source of inspiration through a difficult time.
    Her sessions have helped me in so many other ways. She took the time to understand me and work on other areas of my life as well. I now know and sense my worth as a parent, partner and person. I now realise that I can rely on myself for strength and support.
    I have enjoyed all my sessions with her. Anastasiya was genuinely interested in my wellbeing and put so much effort into explaining different concepts. She is warm and caring and willing to give herself for the benefit of others.
    Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared with me! Your guidance and support has opened my eyes to a whole new world of happiness and acceptance! I am very confident that I am on the right path and the weight loss will be a journey that I enjoy!
    a mother of two, who was brave enough to take her faith into her own hands
  • Before I started working with Anastasiya, procrastination was impacting me every step of the way both personally and professionally. I didn't know where to start or end, lack of focus and what's blocking me? But I knew that I could do a lot more and bigger things with my life.
    I reached Anastasiya, started working on my body, diet and living. I learned amazing hacks to come out of my comfort zone. A balanced mind and body helping me to rediscover my hidden strengths and in the last four months that reflected my job, relationships, self-confidence and my world view changed. If someone feels lost or need help with anything related to a lifestyle, diet, stress, and is willing to become the best version of themselves, approaching Anastasiya is the best thing to do. Her techniques, tools and coaching can bring profound changes to life and reality
    who also has become number 1 salesman in his company
  • .. progress has been brilliant I have lost a total of 68kg and weighted this morning 110.4kg. This is equivalent to all my wife Wendy. I have not been this weight since I married my wife in 1996. Mentally I feel so refreshed, calm, balanced and proud of my achievements. I am still walking most mornings 7km and fit 3 sessions of yoga in per week. I am more energetic and feel so much better. My Drs appt last week showed that my bloods were amazing, blood pressure 120/80. He is amazed with my progress.
    My weight loss plateaued, which is common. I have just passed 6 months after op and people noticing the difference. Thanks.
    who not only made incredible changes for himself, but also for his family and his community, started to play golf as he always wanted, and now takes his family on active holidays
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